Jones Mixers is a specialist mixing equipment and mixing projects supplier. Complete mixing plants are built and supplied by Jones Industrial Mixers. The company is South African owned and has operated for over 40 years in South Africa and regional markets in the supply of mixers to the process industries. We now also supply refurbished second hand machines as an added service to our valued clients.

Refurbished Machines – Our Policy

Jones Industrial Mixers has a rich history and a long-standing reputation for production of robust, high-quality and long-life mixers. Second-hand Jones machines are often good for new service in view of this robust and quality design and can thus be put back into service after detailed attention and rectification work. Machines are fully stripped, assessed and properly rebuilt and repaired to a near ‘as new’ condition. We do not offer machines on ‘ex-manufacture’ terms after re-furbishments.

We prefer to understand your processing needs and check as far as possible that our mixers will serve you well. We therefore do not post prices on our site but ask you to email or call us with the item reference number to discuss your needs and provide prices.

Special offers on mixers and other products

Jones Industrial Mixers offer special pricing on selected products from time to time as promotions, stock disposal or new launch products. These special offers are only for new mixers or products and refurbished mixers or products are not displayed in this section.

Purchase of used mixers, tanks and process products

Jones Industrial Mixers purchase selected second-hand mixers both of Jones origin and other brands. Please send us details of products you wish to dispose of and we will gladly consider purchasing such products.